There are 6 elements of designs which we fully fulfil all the elements.
Line - line is any mark greater in length than width.
Color - color is what we see when light is reflected.
Shape - shape is two - dimensional and appears flat.
Texture - texture is the surface quality of an item.
Space - space is the area between and around an object and the area that the object occupies

Form - form is the structure of an item
• after finalizing the idea we design the furniture according to your needs.
• we take measurements and choose the colour of the fabric, texture, sizes to make best fit for your space.
• after designing we contact you to check the design. • If you want to only design the furniture you have to pay charges for designing but if you buy the furniture form us designing will not be chargeable.
•We design your furniture with your concern, requirements according to the space

• We design unique and best quality furniture’s for you.
We use Auto card, 3dmax, Corel draw, d max , photoshop software’s to design the best furniture’s design for you.
• we also custom furniture option for you. You can send us your requirements and design through our custom furniture panel our team will review it and get back you with best quotation.